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What is West Hills, Utah?

A group of local residents, farmers, and landowners near Kamas are joining together as a cooperative to found a new town in Summit County, Utah.

Your Land, Your Plan

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What the community is saying


West Hills is a landowner-driven cooperative intended to ensure the prosperity for future generations, not short-term economic gain. We are currently circulating information and petitions to residents in the area who wish to be involved in the process.

This will allow for local community members to be leaders and in charge of future growth, taxes, and financial decisions within the approximately 3,400 acres of West Hills. Current decisions about land use and planning are made at the county level which at times has different goals than the property owners/taxpayers who use the land. 

Our taxes stay local. A new town will reroute county taxes back to the town. 

Smart and Slow Residential Growth. Because West Hills is landowner-driven, we can prevent developer-driven urban sprawl through clustering future growth in limited areas in the community. 

Small and focused local government. This is your town, and you should have the leeway to govern how you see fit.  

Create Economic Value.  Through TDRs, (transferable rights) you can create economic value through using, transferring, and/or donating your acquired TDRs.

Succession/Estate Planning. You can now create more living opportunities for your family, building a sustainable future for generations to come.

Increase Service Levels and Offerings.  We need better community services to support our present and future community.  For example, a medical clinic, police station, fire station, post office, equestrian facilities/trails, library, elementary school, are all options for the new town to determine. 

Keeping Taxes Low.  The town keeps taxes low through the maintenance of greenbelt and by rerouting some county taxes back to the town.  In addition, funds for upgraded services and growth can be generated through new construction fees, and individual public improvement districts (PID) in isolated areas of the town needing such services.

Paperwork has been filed with the Utah Lt. Governor’s office to incorporate the town. Their office will conduct a feasibility study to determine if the town can move forward. We will then gather signatures for the incorporation petition, which will be filed with the Lt. Governor’s office prior to the election on a day determined by local county election officials. 

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Frontier Spirit, Cooperative Community

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